PhD (technical sciences), Professor of Department of computational and applied mathematics (VPM),
Ryazan State Radio Engeneering University (RSREU, RGRTU), Ryazan, Russia

Scientific activity

Spheres of scientific interests

Natural language processing: automated morphological synthesis and analysis.
Programming methods: object-oriented programming; problem-driven programming.
Theory of algorithms: algorithmic models; estimation of algorithm complexity.
Information systems: automated testing systems and methods of evaluation of student knowledge; document processing and controlling systems.

Scientific publications

The Dissertation of Candidate of Science: Prutzkow A.V. Development and research of the procedures of identification and prognostication of the current state of the discrete channels of the information-computing networks
The Dissertation of Doctor of Science: Prutzkow A.V. Models, methods, and programms of automatic wordform processing in natural language user interfaces
Number translation into English, Russian, Spanish, German and Finnish (in English)

Educating activity


Lectured disciplines: Java programming, Mathematical logic and Theory of algorithms, Project management, and others

Arranged student measures

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Project «The Prutzkows: ancestors & descendants»

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